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By Mardi Milligan, MBA  ©  2006

"The place I work?  It's nuts!  The right hand doesn't have a clue what the left hand is doing!"

"The place I work?  I absolutely love it!  They take really good care of me, and I'm so grateful to have gotten a job when I moved back here."


Employee Conduct Builds or Busts a Business

Would you be surprised to learn these two opening comments were made by two employees who held the same job, within the same organization?

I had asked the first employee, “How are things going in your workplace?”  He growled and threw up his hands when he expressed his sabotaging opinion.  I had to ask myself, “Why would I even want to do business with this company?  Here's a long-term employee who can’t find anything positive to say about where he works!"  I found myself soaking up his negativity, just like a sponge.

Two days later, I asked the other employee how he felt about his place of employment.  This employee showed nothing but gratitude as he smiled and beamed his appreciative words.  My perspective of this company totally shifted.  Because of this employee’s attitude, I felt more positive and my respect for this business was restored.

The Devastation of Group Sabotage

Fighting organizational sabotage between co-workers, in one-on-one situations, at best, is extremely difficult.  But when the negative outpouring spreads within a group, the potential for damage accelerates exponentially.  Plus, with the added stress of peer pressure, the volatility of the group dynamics becomes tenuous.

Case Scenerio

Several years ago I was confronted with a situation that had the makings of a hornet's nest.  Co-workers, spouses and friends were deep in the throws of sharing scuttlebutt about my boss.  The situation made me feel extremely uncomfortable, and I silently chose not to participate.  That was, until they all turned to me and asked, “What do you think?”

I took a deep breath and said "I feel it's inappropriate to talk about this right now.”  Initially you could have heard a pin drop, but the focus of the conversation changed and took a turn for the better.

Proactive Prevention

Yes, different personalities and work styles create challenges at work.  But there is absolutely no benefit in biting the hand that feeds you.  It casts a negative shadow on your employer, hurts the reputation and profits of your business, and diminishes who you are.

To Avoid Sabotage:

  1. Create a positive image for your company and co-workers by carefully choosing the words you speak to others.
  2. When conflicts arise, speak directly to management or the person involved to avoid the negative spiral of sabotage through the rumor mill.
  3. Discover and “tune-up” your communication skills for increased success.

FINE TUNING TIP:  Write down five strengths each about your organization, its products and your co-workers.  Next time, instead of sabotaging your workplace, be prepared to make positive comments when asked, “So, how are things going in your workplace?


Solo-preneur, Mardi Milligan of Fine Tuning Solutions, is a business specialist offering dynamic trainings to empower employees to excel in the workplace in customer service, leadership, marketing and sales--as well as in their personal life with life balance and communication.

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© 2006 Mardi Milligan

Mardi Milligan/MBA/Trainer/Speaker/Business Coach with Fine Tuning Solutions saves organizations time and headaches by offering tune ups and business solutions to "Get ALL your employees all on the SAME page."  © Mardi Milligan of Idram Publishing Co., LLC PO Box 17137, Missoula, MT  59808 *Used by Permission. 406-542-9258

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE?  You can, as long as you include this blurb with it:  Mardi Milligan, Business Specialist, with Fine Tuning Solutions, is the creator of powerful customer service, leadership and marketing/sales trainings.  To learn more, visit:

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