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Tip of the Month


Avoid Year-End Energy Drain -
10 Tips to Power Up! 

By Mardi Milligan, MBA  ©  2006


  1. Get rest.  Turn off the TV and go to bed earlier.  Everyone’s sleep requirements are different, so figure out what works best for you.  The more rested we are, the more productive we are.

  2. Drink more water.  Caffeine is acidic and makes the body more acid, making us more susceptible to illness.  It’s also hard on the adrenal glands and dehydrates the body.  Drink hot water with lemon instead.  Carry a water bottle wherever you go.  Ask your boss to get a water cooler and drink great tasting water.

  3. Relax!  Treat yourself to a massage, or alternate weeks with your partner and give each other a massage.  Turn down the lights, play soft music and drift away!  Take a vacation quarterly and DON’T take your laptop or cell phone and don’t check your voice mail.  Take a mini-vacation for an afternoon.

  4. Endorphins.  Energize your body with activities you enjoy.  Dance, meditate, paint, do yoga or watch a sunset.  Give your partner a ten-second hug--or kiss!  Rent a funny movie and belly laugh.  Stay focused in the present moment and feel the joy!  Tell each of your family members how much you love them.

  5. Practice healthy boundaries.  Stop saying “yes” to everybody and everything.  Say “no” and let someone else take a turn.  Hire a cleaning person to open up some play time with your family.  Create more time and space for you and your family.

  6. Eat the good stuff.  Put some green, orange, red, and yellow foods in your salads.  Take a healthy vitamin.

  7. Get moving!  Walk around the block on your lunch hour.  Do the stairs at work for 30 minutes during your lunch hour.  Stop sitting every minute of the day and get those muscles moving.  Get a fun, exercise video tape.  Go walk two or three laps around the Mall.

  8. Stop procrastinating.  Do the things you need to do for year end.  Call your accountant and ask him that nagging question.  Get the back-up system you need for your computer.  Make that appointment for the health check-up that’s over due.  Take charge and just do it.

  9. Listen to music that makes you feel good.  Don’t compound your misery by listening to those droning codependent songs.  Stop complaining and do something different.  Listen to songs about the positive choices you can make!  Go listen to my music CD “Choices” at  Buy one there or at Rockin’ Rudy’s or Budget CDs & DVDs in Missoula.

  10. Practice the attitude of gratitude.  The quality of the attitude is in direct proportion to the quantity of the attitude.  Quit whining and complaining.  Let go of all those control issues and get 80% of your life back.  Life’s too short – start enjoying every moment.  You're worth it!


Mardi Milligan/MBA is a Business Specialist with Fine Tuning Solutions specializing in customer service, marketing and sales, leadership and management trainings and business coaching and is also a professional speaker.  You may use this article as long as you use this signature box. © 2006


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