Mardi Milligan, MBA • Trainer / Facilitator • Speaker • Singer / Songwriter
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Mardi’s Bio

As a third-generation, native Montanan, I was in raised in several family-owned businesses--the hotel, restaurant and bar business.  With my entrepreneurial father's guidance, I stepped into an early role of responsibility and accountability as a hotel desk clerk when I entered the 7th grade.  To be successful in business, I learned early on to:

  • Treat people with respect
  • Provide excellent training
  • Encourage employees to take initiative
  • Create win/win situations  

My University of Montana BS degree in Personnel Management embellished and supported what I'd already learned from years in our family business as a bookkeeper, cashier and supervisor.  My Business Education degree taught me to appreciate students for their sense of humor, tenacity and different learning styles--and compassion for those who had it rough at home.

After earning an MBA degree at the University of Montana, I became the first Development Director for the UM School of Business Administration.  I learned the value of team efforts through concentrated efforts in planning and goal setting as the new William and Rosemary Gallagher Business School Building became a reality.  In various sales positions, I learned that accountability, persistence and self-discipline are key to success.  And now, as a trainer and speaker, the choice of positive attitude appears at every juncture in life.

With my years in sales, media, entertainment and fundraising, I've come to believe there's a formula for success, and that is to:

  • Work with winners
  • Welcome commitment
  • Exhibit a positive attitude
  • Encourage creativity
  • Believe in your product and love what you do

When Judy Preston retired from Preston Consulting, I purchased the business and am continuing to offer all of the services.  Organizations express their struggles and difficulties in getting employees "on the same page" when it comes to consistency in communication with external customers and co-workers.  That's what Fine Tuning Solutions is all about.

As a songwriter, I've written over 140 songs-- program songs, jingles, special occasion songs, tributes, but the most fun was a song I wrote for Gene Autry's 88th birthday present. It was a gift to him for being my hero growing up. Dad got him to come to Miles City for the Bucking Horse Parade--and he "loved the song!

I've integrated fun through music in almost everything I've done.  I've written songs for:  the University of Montana MBA program, business school executive board members, professors, Referendums, Expanding Your Horizons, Gender Expectations for Student Achievement (GESA), Miles Community College jingles, tributes, anniversary and birthday gifts, customer service and more.  You name it! 


Community service has always been important to me.  In the past I have enjoyed being an active member of Lion’s International, Young Audiences, and was a co-founder of the Western Montana Fundraisers Association (WMFRA) and the Southern Oregon Songwriters Association (SOSA). 

Currently I am a member of the Missoula Businesswomen’s Network (MBN), a Board member of the Northwest Speakers Association, a Board member for the Pleasant View Homeowners Assocation, and am the Western Montana-Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI)-Regional Coordinator.  Nashville Songwriters Association International

I enjoy flyfishing, photography, hiking, songwriting and living in Montana!




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