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Custom Songwriting

Mardi is especially gifted at songwriting "for the moment" and can come up with a special, custom-written song for your special occasion. 

The gift is designed to be portable and can be presented to the special person or couple over a candle-light, intimate dinner, on a mountain top, reception or wherever.  It's your personal choice.

The song can be written as a birthday present, a Christmas present, for Valentine's Day, Secretary's Day, Mother or Father's Day, an anniversary, a reunion, a retreat, a retirement gift from the whole family or as a eulogy.  It's just a really nice way to say "I love you."

  • You receive:
    • A recorded version of the song on a CD--with a video of your personal photos--using QuickTime or Windows Media Player.  Your CD sleeve includes your personalized inscription, photos, and lyrics. 
  • Price: Call for pricing...
  • How it works:
    • Mardi works with one contact person.
    • You provide the actual photos or jpgs.
    • Information for the song is gathered via a twenty-minute phone interview or through a five-question interview sheet, which can electronically be given to family members and faxed back.
    • Lyrics are created first and then approved over the phone.
    • Music is added, again, with approval over the phone.
    • Leadtime:  Depending on Mardi's availability – as quickly as 2 days, preferrably 10-15 days, but no more than 30 days.


  • “King of the Singin’ Cowboys,” Gene Autry’s 88th birthday
  • Chorus:
    “...He is the King of the Singin’ Cowboys
    My life-long hero, up on that silver screen
    His Cowboy Code taught kids to listen
    And to do what’s right for the American dream...”
  • "Perfect Partners" written for
    Judy and Dwain Wright's 40th Anniversary

  • "Mardi created a song called “Perfect Partners” for our 40th wedding anniversary. It was such a hit with all the guests and especially our adult children and grandchildren. It captured our feelings, history and wishes for the future. When I think back on the activities of the weekend, it is a blur. The one thing that stands out is the song and the teary eyes as they heard the song for the first time and how grateful they were to be given copies of their own. I would recommend Mardi as a songwriter, business woman and friend any day of the week."

    --Judy Wright, Author, Parent, Educator, International Speaker/Trainer,       406-549-9813, Artichoke Press

  • "Perfect Partners" by Mardi Milligan

    "We dated each other for three short months
    Before Dwain took me as his bride
    Our life hasn't always been easy
    With six children it's been quite a ride...the rest of the lyrics

  • "SHRM'S GOT WHAT WE NEED," written and performed for the 2005 Montana SHRM Convention, held in Great Falls, MT

    "I am in HR, I’m a member of SHRM

    We meet each month and SHRM helps me to learn

    They keep me current with technicalities

    ‘Cause when we’re looking for answers

    SHRM’S GOT WHAT WE NEED... The rest of the lyrics

  • "MBN" ( to the tune of Jingle Bells)  Written especially for the Missoula Businesswomen's Network Christmas party and performed live at the Holiday Inn at the Park as a very fun sing along, Missoula, MT - December 9, 2009.

    "MBN - MBN
    for women on the go
    Missoula Businesswomen’s Network helps us all to grow
    MBN - MBN
    This network’s right for me
    Women helping women - it’s the perfect place to be

    It’s always so much fun - Each year goes by so fast
    So many things to do - Committees stay on task
    Then there’s a “Flyin’ High” - She gives us so much joy
    It times like this I really know I’m glad I’m not a boy"

    Non-commercial parody - © 2009

  • "I'm Dreaming of Myself at Goal Weight," (non-commercial Christmas Parody) written and performed for Missoula's Thursday AM Early Bird Weight Watcher meeting

    "I'm dreaming of myself at goal weight
    Just like the good old days of yor
    When my thighs were flawless
    I might be bra-less
    Before the days of Flex or Core... The rest of the lyrics

  • "Gratitude," a Cristmas gift--contributed by all of the employees at Ronan Telephone Company--as a special tribute to their wonderful employers and owners, Beth and Jay Preston:

    "My husband and I were very touched by the song written especiallly for us.  The song itself was very pleasing and it was quite an emotional occasion.  Thank you, Mardi, for making it so personal and special."
    --Elizabeth and Jay Preston, Ronan Telephone Company, Ronan, MT

  • “Life’s Treasures,” written for a 45th Wedding Anniversary
    “Watercolor landscapes and fragile porcelain dolls
    Grandma’s many talents touched the hearts of us all
    Your love for one another, we’re so glad it came to be
    But Life’s Treasures that I value most

    Is the love you gave to me..."

  • “50 Years of Partnership," written for Floyd and Kay Ballard's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

    "The words and music you composed especially for us on our 50th Wedding Anniversary "50 Years of Partnership" was the "highlight" of our reception.  The guests enjoyed the song and sang along with you on the chorus.  Our anniversary was made more memorable because of you.

    Janet Stevenson, one of our guests, wrote in our guest book: Fantabulous!

    People are still telling us over and over again because of the wonderful time they had at our reception due to the words and music of "50 Years of Paratnership."

    Thank you, Mardi, from the bottom of our hearts!"
    --Floyd and Kay Ballard, Hardin, MT

  • “My Rock”, written as a wife's gift for her husband, who was dying of cancer
    “I love your spirit, you handsome man
    With that little boy inside
    Your honesty and strength of heart
    Could never, ever be denied..."

    "Thank you, Mardi, for the God Box and thank you for sharing your great music....and for coming to our special party.  All the tears were a good thing!"
    --Rock and Sharon Hastings

  • King of the Singing Cowboys
    He was born in Tioga, Texas
    He was the grandson of a preacher man
    In the year of 1907
    The legend of a singin’ cowboy – it began

    Young Gene Autry he saved his money
    Eight dollars bought him his first guitar
    The man Will Rogers said keep on singin’
    Thought radio’d make Gene Autry

    A singin’ cowboy star

    He is the King of the Singin’ Cowboys
    My life long hero, up on that silver screen
    His Cowboy Code taught kids to listen
    And to do what’s right for the American Dream

    This cowboy legend wrote songs that touched us
    Songs filled with love and Yuletide joy
    He sang about Daddy—to good old Rudolph
    He’s reached the heart of most every girl and boy

    And when the time comes for life’s last roundup
    He’ll ride on Champion through Heaven’s gate
    Back in the saddle, his songs will echo
    On the winds that whisper through those pearly gates...

    Home of the Singing Cowboys
    Gene Autry at Miles City Bucking Horse Sale, 1951

    Photo by Frank Meissner






















"Thank you so much for your letter of September 26th, and the many kind things you had to say.  As you can imagine, your correspondence brought back a lot of memories for me.

Mardi, the song you wrote is beautiful and I will always treasure it. You helped to make my 88th birthday special indeed!

I wish you every success with your musical career and your other endeavors. Most sincerely... "
--Gene Autry, Studio City, California

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