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Tip of the Month



Feel stuck?  Overwhelmed?  Don’t know where to start? 


Tired of avoiding a project because it’s too big to handle? 


De-clutter and organize to break through and get free from those nagging projects

  • Get rid of those boxes piled in the other room
  • Organize closets to easily find things
  • Create a file system to pay bills
  • Clean out files to make room for current items
  • Get assistance to work through a project to completion
  • Have someone else search for and find the information you need
  • Get support on downsizing

  • Have an uncluttered home that you’re proud of
  • Reduce the stress from living in a disorganized environment
  • Clean up toxic piles of clutter that have been keeping you stuck
  • Lower your stress level by finishing that “dreaded” project
  • Improve your self esteem


"I hired Mardi to create order out of the chaos that was my office/studio and after several hours, miracles were wrought. Real miracles! A real pro! Highly recommended! She's the De-clutter Queen!"  --Richard Chapman, Missoula, MT

“With health issues and moving seven times in nine years, my personal space had fallen into disarray.  The task of straightening it out and reorganizing it all seemed overwhelming.  I had reluctance to have someone come into my home and see how cluttered things had become.  Mardi was gracious and non-judgmental through the whole process of unpacking boxes, sorting, setting up a filing system, helping with pre-tax work and prioritizing.  She's focused and has a great sense of humor.  Mardi quickly turned the stituation around to where I can easily find things and put things away.  You're a life saver, Mardi.  Thank you!"  --James S., Nashville, TN

"As Power of Attorney for my partner/ex-husband after his stroke, and then his Personal Representative after his passing, my duties became overwhelming, particularly because everything was in Great Falls.  With Mardi’s expertise in computers, sorting, filing and general knowledge of dealing with “stuff,” I hired her as my Trusted Assistant.  Mardi’s kindness, compassion, and support made it easier to get through all of the "clutter" and many other tasks. Besides handling the paperwork and belongings, Mardi made sure the house had a fresh look to go on the market. Through tireless effort and working late hours, she sanded and painted the decks and even made new curtains.  She completely cleared out the house through her creative garage sale, Good Will, took digital photos of artwork for the appraiser, set up appointments with the art appraiser, lawn care services and many others.  Mardi was an enormous help, and I could not have done this without her.  Thank you, Mardi, for helping me in my time of need!"  --Lisa L., Missoula, MT

"Recently I've had some severe health problems and my house has gotten out-of-control. I'm overwhelmed with the piles and too embarrassed to have just anyone come into my house.  Mardi worked tirelessly, helped me get rid of things I didn't need and now I can find things.  Thank you, Mardi, for your willingness to help me and to take this project on!"           --Alta V., Eugene, OR

Call 1-406-542-9258 for more information to help you 
 de-clutter, and re-organize to power up your life again!


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