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Mardi Milligan, MBA, Copyright 2011

One of my best girlfriends, Donna Hartley, who has been a friend of mine since we were roommates at the University of Montana when we were freshmen, has mentored me in the customer service business over the years. If you want an inspirational, motivational speaker, you give Donna a call. You will not be disappointed!  

Whenever we get together--which is usually when I go to visit her in Tahoe or she comes to visit in Montana--we usually end up shaking our heads at the poor quality of customer service whenever we go shopping.

Donna wanted to buy a $200 gift certificate for a close friend, and she knew the famous store she wanted to go to. We enjoyed walking around, looking at the wonderful line of merchandise this store had available. Shelves were perfect, products were top quality, and we were happy to be there.

There was no line at the cash register when we walked up to get the gift card.  Donna picked out two one-hundred dollar bills from her purse, handed it to the man and asked for the certificate. He filled out the card and handed it to her. He took her money and gave her the receipt. He did not look at her, and he did not say thank you. 

Now, normally, when it's that quiet, I am the one that says thank you. But we didn't say a thing.  We pushed the glass doors open, walked outside and just looked at each other in disbelief. If we were mystsery shoppers, trust me, the rating would have nose dived.

Fine Tuning Tip:

When businesses invest huge amounts of money on advertising to get customers to walk in the door, please don't be the employee who exhibits the dreaded virus of "indifference." Act as if you're happy to see that person when they walk in. Glance at them and acknowledge their presence. When you hand them their change, tell them "Thank you for coming in today. We really appreciate your business."

And remember, customers are like fine china. Hard to find and expensive to replace!

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