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Why Would You Use Choose Mardi Milligan as a Trainer or Facilitator?

Because Mardi helps employees to:

  1. Realize the power of choice.  Attendees look forward to trying their individualized, specific "action plan" at work or home.
  2. Become aware of dysfunctional behaviors at work that drain power and waste time by looking at it with humor.
  3. Enjoy a common sense "brush up" on how to treat others, with a kind, professional demeanor.
  4. Feel safe and honestly talk about real issues.
  5. Hear a consistent message with all co-workers or supervisors and management in the same room.  Nothing drops through the cracks like it does when one or two people are sent to a training to bring it back to everyone else.  Power up and "tune up" by getting everyone in the same room. 
  6. Appreciate the importance of taking care of yourself.  You can't help others if you are exhausted by because you've turned into a Human Do-ing.
  7. Understand the difference between discipline and punishment. 

More reasons:

  • Every business needs a periodic brush-up in service and communication to strengthen relationships and elevate the success of the organization
  • Provide immediate information to all employees
  • Re-instill the importance of stress busters and taking care of one's self

More positive benefits:

“Mardi, thanks for raising sensitivity of employees to employees!”
  --Gary H., Banking Industry

“Mardi, this is the most powerful customer service program I’ve attended. It’s the #1 service we can provide to our customers. Thanks again.”
  --Nancy H., Health Industry
  • Each attendee receives a small 38-page or 52-page reference book to take back to the office for follow-up in staff meetings.
  • Trainings can be anytime, any day, any location--whatever works for your organization.
  • Mardi does a pre-assessment with three people in your organization before the sessions, insuring specific issues are addressed.
  • Healthy communication is at the very heart of achieving harmony through the process of fine tuning!  Tired of making wrong turns?  Turn right to success! 
  • Mardi's presentations are energetic and fun, AND spiced up with humor and music!
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